Your Guide to Mobile-Friendly Online Poker

We review the best mobile poker games, keep you up-to-date with the latest developments and game features, and do our best to explain anything that might need explaining about any new poker games for mobile that get released.

This is our regularly updated list of all the major mobile-compatible poker games out there:

888 Poker for Mobile 888 Poker for Mobile website

Now available on iPhones and iPads as well as the Android platform, the 888 mobile poker app is here. But just how much is there to get excited about? A lot, it turns out – this is one of only a few apps with mobile-friendly poker tournaments you can play for real money

Bet365 Poker for Mobile Bet365 Poker for Mobile website

Bet365 is well known for sports betting. Did you know it also offers a high-class poker hall for Apple iOS-touting mobile players? Get up to £1,000 cash match at 200% here

Red Kings Mobile Poker Red Kings Mobile Poker website

This app has been around since the early days of mobile poker but it just got a huge overhaul: now compatible with Android smartphones as well as older Nokia, Siemens, Sony Ericsson or Motorola devices

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1. Introduction

Playing poker on mobile phones is quickly becoming a favorite past time with online poker lovers. Although playing poker online can be incredibly rewarding and convenient, playing poker on mobile has the potential to be even more so. As long as you have a mobile phone that is compatible with the poker app downloads, plus an Internet connection (either 3G, WiFi or in some cases WAP), you will be able to kick back and relax, mobile in hand, and enjoy playing poker via your mobile phone.

There are different types of mobile poker you can choose to play, depending on your preference or situation. On most phones you’ll be able to sample all of the different types: play free poker for fun reasons only or real money mobile poker that mirrors exactly what you see when you use your PC or laptop; play against a computer or sit down at virtual tables with other real players.

2. Free / Fun Poker

A great place to start if you’ve never played poker on a mobile phone before is with free games: free in the sense that you do not have to pay to download them and free in the sense that you will not be risking your own money either.

Note: The only time you may have to pay is if you start playing a LOT of free mobile poker. Unless you manage to keep winning and taking the free chips off other players, at this point some apps will begin charging you for the extra chips you need to buy in to games.

There are now hundreds of free mobile poker games within mobile app stores like the Android Marketplace (Google Play) or Apple’s App Store and if you’re playing on an iPhone or Android phone, you’ll see there are plenty to choose from.

Free poker apps are usually completely free to download, but they do vary when it comes to game play.

Some of the time, when you download a free poker app, you’ll either be able to play poker against the computer or against other owners of the app. Either way, both of these option are free, and in the option to play against others participating in the app for poker for mobile, you will usually be given free poker chips. These aren’t real chips and are simply for fun, but the more chips you gain from winning free poker games, the bigger the games you can enter, earning yourself a bit of a rep’ in the poker for mobile circle.

Not only that, but poker on mobile is also extremely beneficial to those looking to sharpen up on technique and game play, ready for real life or real money tournaments.

3. Real Money Poker

There are tonnes of mobile-friendly fun poker apps but your choice is still somewhat limited when it comes to playing for real cash. However, you can choose – between download poker apps and browser-based versions, or between small independent mobile poker networks and the larger more established online PC-based groups. All allow you to play real money poker via your mobile phone, just like you would online through your desktop computer.

Currently, while the mobile poker market remains in its infancy, your choice will be determined by a few key factors: (a) phone compatibility, (b) whether you prefer tournament or cash play and (c) whether you’re prepared to give one of the new mobile poker apps a go or prefer the security of the better-known brands.

Let’s look briefly at each of these:

(a) Platform Compatibility

  • Android: If you’re lucky enough to have one of the latest generation of touch screen smartphones running on the Android platform then your choice is least limited. There are several poker apps for Android phones already out and a few that are in development, such as the 888poker app and another rumoured to be around the corner from PartyPoker.
  • iPhone: Meanwhile, if your running iOS on one of Apple’s famous devices then you’re in a pretty good situation – poker apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch have been released by PokerStars, Bet24 and bwin. Simply locate them in your app store and download.
  • Other: Finally, if you’re still attached to your Nokia 8120 or other small screen phone then your choice is limited to Betsson or RedKings Poker – an app that caters for a whole range of phones, even the older models.

(b) Game Variations
With any multi-player poker game mobile-owners may be interested in it should be possible to deposit chips, take seats at tables, play against other members and win real cash prizes. However, each has something different to offer. Pokerstars is offering Sit&Gos as well as cash play; mFortune will let you organise a private mobile poker table to sit down at with your friends; Terminal Poker is focussing on keeping things fast with its rush poker style games.

(c) Trusting New Operators
This is always one of the hardest decisions to make when parting with money on line – how much to trust new, lesser-known brands with your cash / personal information. And the only advice anyone can give is to do so very carefully. Here are a couple of things to look out for:

  1. Gaming license: A gaming license from the UK or one of its whitelisted countries is a great sign that a new mobile poker app has had to demonstrate compliance with regulations regarding things like the fairness of its games and the security of its databases. However, until 2006’s Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), many popular online poker sites were regulated in Costa Rica and so are one or two of the new mobile operators, e.g. Switch Poker.
  2. Expectations: Don’t set them too high! New operators will often try to get you to download their poker app by offering new player poker bonuses or other freebies. Of themselves these are not a reason to join – think of them as more of a distraction and your poker play may even improve!

4. US Players Accepted

This is a complex, ever-changing issue. On the one hand, experts say it has never been precisely illegal for individual Americans to play poker online but regulators successfully made near impossible to do so by placing restrictions on operators and payment processors.

But that is changing. As you can read in our article, several states have made significant progress in drafting regulations to make online poker for US players a reality, although significant challenges remain before this becomes a genuine and realistic option.