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mFortune Mobile Poker

As with Switch Poker and Terminal Poker, the mFortune operation is entirely dedicated to serving the needs of players of poker on mobile phones, smartphones, iPads and other tablet devices. In fact the mFortune casino offers a lot more than just poker – its mobile casino games include a variety of video slot machines, roulette, blackjack and other card games against the computer including video poker for mobile.

As with the Switch and Terminal operations, mFortune Poker’s games for smartphones are browser based – there is no download needed to play them, whether you’re using a Android platform Samsung Galaxy, an HTC Flyer with the Windows Phone OS, a Blackberry handset or an iPad. The mFortune poker web app is the most versatile out there.

All this means that if you register here you know that you’ll be competing against players that are in a similar situation to you. At PokerStars the other players at the table are likely to be sat at the PC, many with a Heads Up Display (HUD) helping them along, and perhaps an odds calculator open in another window too. This, combined with its UK gaming license, must make the mFortune mobile Texas Holdem game one of the fairest poker apps out there.

Add to that the fact that you can play poker without depositing using its £5 mobile no deposit poker bonus and you have the final ingredient in a winning recipe.

1. Game Selection

Play mFortune’s Texas Holdem app for real money against real players if you fancy your chances. Try one of its video poker apps first if you feel the need to further hone your skills. Click here to compare more real money mobile poker alternatives.


You can only play no limit Texas Holdem ring games with the mFortune app, which is all most poker apps are offering at the moment. On the other hand the operator is offering players the option to fill all six seats at a table with your poker-playing friends if you feel like holding your poker party online for a change.

It’s a nice feature although I wonder how popular it is.

Against Computer

There are two mobile video poker games among the mFortune casino apps, although only one is probably going to have a positive impact on your play:

  1. Sexy Poker
  2. HiLo Poker

Can you work out which one it is?

2. Fairness

On the plus side, I like the fact that I can pretty sure the other people I’m playing against probably have similar hardware and software to me. OK some may have it a little better (e.g. with their Samsung Galaxy Pad 10″ screen or iPad 3) but I don’t think it will give them too much of an edge.

On the other hand, it’s a little hard to find much detail about what kind of independent testing has been carried out of its mobile poker games. That said, the fact that it is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission may be enough – as the site says in its FAQ, “mFortune games are independently tested and verified by laboratories approved by the UK Gambling Commission”.

3. New Player Bonus

As well as its £5 free no deposit poker sign up bonus, mFortune also has a 100% first deposit deal that means they will match your first deposit up to a maximum of £100. You can start risking your own cash from as little as £3.

Your free poker money is credited to your account straight away, with no waiting whatsoever.

Bonus Clearing Requirements

What this means is that in both cases there is no restriction on withdrawing winnings earned from poker chips bought using your free bonus money.

4. Player Pool

mFortune may be a new mobile poker app as far as your concerned but it’s already been around a while and has built a dedicated following of players who don’t mind sacrificing some of the improved game play you get from a native Android or iPhone app for the knowledge that everyone is in the same boat.

That said, the number of players on line at any moment does vary and you will occasionally have to wait for a game.

5. Mobile Banking

As with everything at the mFortune mobile casino, with banking too you get a mobile friendly experience. You can fund your poker via your mobile phone bill if you choose with deposits of as little as £3 a go. However, many of the usual, as well as a few less usual payment methods are also available:

  • Ukash – a great way to make sure spending habits remain as private as they should be.
  • Credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard and Maestro


PKR 3D received this name because it is a mobile poker site that presents players with a 3D environment in which to play and interact. The site promises to be both a revolutionary and immersive experience for players.

3d Poker Promise Fulfilled?

To a significant extent these promises are true. The high-quality 3D graphics have greater attention than most other mobile poker apps. Furthermore, the fact each player customises their own avatar then helps them to feel like their virtual player is a version of them. Outside of the poker play, there are some other positives for PKR 3D Poker.

Apple Devices Only

As of spring 2013, only users with an iPad 2 or iPhone 4 or better can download the PKR3D app from the App Store. PKR has relatively demanding software for a mobile device, so the developers have chosen to spend time getting it right on one platform before mobbing on. Android would be the next logical step in the development of its mobile poker app. To download the app, all you need to do is search for ‘PKR’ in the App Store and then download the 311 MB app.

mobile poker appDownload NOW!! Click on the banner!!

The Avatars

A key step in getting to ready to play with PKR.com is to create your very own avatars. You get to choose their outfit, body size, facial appearance and even the sound of their voice. Creating an avatar is pretty fun, what with getting to develop the perfect poker pro and all. Later on down the line you can pay for extra accessories through the site’s store. These are paid for using PKR Points, a digital currency generated when wagering on cash games.

Bonus Funds

The site is filled with bonuses for new players, most of which are geared toward that first deposit. A positive of the bonuses is that there is a tiered system depending on how much players wish to spend. The starting level is $10 for a $5 instant bonus; intermediate level begins at $25 and a 100% welcome bonus up to $150; advanced players can deposit $150 upwards for a 125% welcome bonus up to $500.

Bonus Conditions

A key point of note about the bonuses is that the funds don’t instantly become available to you. The $5 bonus requires one PKR Point to be earned, while intermediate and advanced pay out at a rate of 5% and 10% respectively. Additionally, you only have a maximum of 60 days in which to unlock all bonus funds. Don’t claim what you don’t thing you will unlock through cash wagering.

Red Kings Mobile Poker

On the one hand there’s still a lot missing from the RedKings Android poker app. On the other hand, if you’re sick of PokerStars, like the idea of choosing your bonus and have an Android phone or tablet then those are three good reasons to check this app out.

1. Game Selection

RedKings’ mobile poker games have a long history. They began life as a very basic app for the early group of internet ready phones from Nokia, Sony Ericcson and the like. Only recently have they jumped on board the smartphone ship with a native app for the Android operating system. A little later than some and earlier than others.

And still no iOS compatible app – iPhone and iPad owners will have to wait a little while yet, which is odds since Ongame’s iOS app was launched some time ago: apps like bwin for iPhone have been in the App Store since early 2012.

Poker Varieties

The Texas Holdem ring game is the only variety of poker so far offered. Yes you can choose between different types of pot: fixed, limit, no-limit. No you can’t sit and go, no you can’t play the freerolls or any other tournament for that matter.

Fast Fold Poker

No equivalent of Full Tilt’s Rush Poker format yet either. Given what a great fit this style of game is with mobile or tabet poker this is a shame.

2. Fairness

RedKings’ fairness is by definition a question of the fairness of the Ongame network. Once again you’ll find those in favour, those against and those who have been playing there for years and are still complaining about a possible house-bot they lost $100 to back in 2003.

The standard tests still apply:

RedKings does claim to have a “dedicated team” for identifying and putting a stop to collusion and will “investigate every complaint”.

3. New Player Bonus

Choose the $250 option to get best value from your RedKings mobile poker bonus.

Bonus Clearing Requirements

3.3x rake contribution – you will need to be seeing the flop and getting involved in your mobile cash games to contribute to the RedKings rake. Once you have contributed $33 you will have earned enough points to qualify for your first $10 bonus, hence the clearance requirement of just over three, which is fairly average.


4. Mobile Banking

The banking options at RedKings Poker are incredibly only Neteller, Webmoney, Moneybookers, ClickAndBuy and Click2Pay. Of course you can also effectively deposit with credit and debit cards just by opening accounts with one of these eWallets. Still it’s a pretty unusual setup.