» December, 2012

Unibet Mobile Poker

The Unibet poker app is currently only available for Android phone and tablet owners. You will need Adobe Flash and Air installed before you can even think of downloading the app. Compare other Android-compatible poker games here.

1. Game Selection

As of late 2012, there’s not much new happening here, as far as we can tell. While the best mobile poker operators are continuously adding to and improving their apps, Unibet seems to be content with playing the waiting game. It may work out for them – a sudden leap forward in mobile telephony technology might give them the opportunity to leapfrog their competitors by embracing it first.

However, in the mean time the Unibet poker app disappoints. There are no sit’n’gos, no micro-stakes, no rush poker or equivalent. It’s comes across as a basic app, even though somebody somewhere probably put a lot of effort into it.

2. Features

The bonus clearance is hard work (see below), the technology seems outdated, so what can you expect from the Unibet app?

  • Minimum stakes: $1/2
  • Both real money and demo modes
  • Compatible with early Android operating systems such as Froyo and Gingerbread

There’s no sign that Unibet is planning to expand this set of poker app features in the near future but of course you never know. More than likely the decision rests as much with Microgaming as it does with Unibet itself.

3. New Player Bonus

You can choose between three different mobile poker bonuses register with Unibet: $500, $300 or $100 with the bonus being released in stages as you earn VIP points. The $100 bonus is the easiest to earn – by the time you’ve got 4,000 points in your VIP account you’ll have earned 10 lots of $10 bonuses. You will also have contributed in the region of $400 to the Unibet rake – four times the bonus you receive.

Bonus Clearing Requirements

4 x bonus (in rake contributions), for low stakes players who select $100 bonus.

Higher stakes players may choose to opt for the $300 or $500 poker bonuses but you should be aware that there are also higher play through requirements – 5 x for the $300 bonus and 6 x for the highest poker bonus.

4. Player Pool

You’ll be playing on the Microgaming network along with players from Ladbrokes and several other big name UK poker operators. Read into that what you will.

In addition, Unibet appears to take its responsibility towards problem gamblers seriously with evidence of real work in this area if the certificates displayed on the homepage are to be believed. They also claim to be active in looking out for irregular betting practices in alliance with ESSA, which is nice.

5. Mobile Banking

As with all the big sportsbetting, casinos and poker operators, Unibet is clearly keen to make depositing your money with it as easy as possible. PayPal is notably absent but present are options including Ukash, entropay, paysafecard and Neteller.