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Here at poker-mobile.org we regularly review the latest developments and find different ways to compare the apps and games that will best fit each player’s particular priorities.

We will add to this list over time, particularly since if you focus on software it is easy to overlook some of the independent operators like mFortune.

Comparing Fairness

What the best mobile poker apps do is level the playing field a bit: you play against people that are purely using tablets or phones. Fine, the phones and tablets will vary a lot and there may even be the odd phablet in there somewhere but the point is that no one player should have an Ace tucked up their sleeve. Whether you’re using an iPhone or iPod touch, an HTC One S, Sensation or Salsa, or even your old Nokia, you won’t be using any fancy software to improve your game.

Not just level…

In fact the mobile poker playing field at sites like mFortune casino is not just level, it’s practically flat. Even your phone or tablet won’t give you much of an advantage: this site’s poker web apps are optimised for practically every handset with little difference in playing experience from one to the next.

The result is that the true natural player can have a field day. If you’re the kind of player that seems to know what the cards are before they flop then you have nothing to fear.

And they will flop!

At the moment, only PokerStars is offering anything but Texas Holdem apps for mobile phones. If you download poker apps for Android or iPhone anywhere else the cards will definitely be flopping in threes.

Although at many sites, you needn’t watch them flop if you don’t want to bet.

Compare poker sites like PokerStars, Terminal, Ladbrokes and WinPoker.com, which have all come up with their own versions of Full Tilt’s Rush Poker format, and all available via their apps. These fast poker varieties speed up ring games by letting players exit hands they don’t want to bet on and sit them at new tables instead. More than ever before, your equity playing poker on mobile will depend on your ability to judge when to stay for the turn and paddle up that river and when to swim for the bank.

No smartphone or tablet yet?

Of course your choice of iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad 3 or Blackberry Playbook is still going to make a difference to your enjoyment of the game for a few important reasons:

  1. The availability of native apps for your chosen device (iPad poker apps are much more common than poker apps for the Blackberry Playbook, for example; meanwhile the Unibet, RedKings and Ladbrokes poker apps are only available for Android)
  2. The quality of your internet connection (phones and tablets should have a Wi-Fi connection as well as 3G and you should make use of it)
  3. Some poker applications make more features available to iPad users than to iPhone players, like multi-tabling.
  4. Having the option to play fun mobile poker games as well as at real money, multi-player, tables is also important for some people (the iPhone has more free poker apps than any other device)
  5. Learning and improving your game is much easier with a quality tablet (apps like those made by PokerCruncher can really help you get a grip with poker odds on your iPad or smartphone)


Mobile poker is a rapidly evolving space and it will be a miracle of manage to keep track of every wild ace that finds its way into the poker app pack. We will regularly update this site with changes to software compatibility, new operators, new features (like mobile poker tournaments) and new games but if you spot inaccuracies please let us know.