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Multi-player real money poker apps for your phone are all about replicating the PC or real-world poker experience on your mobile. But mobile platforms also offer application makers the chance to think outside the box, step away from the poker pack if you will.

Many mobile poker players have days when they feel that:

  • You just don’t want to lose any more money; or
  • The social side of poker is important to you; or
  • You’re looking for a good way to learn the game

If one or all of the following are true for you then you may want to consider downloading and trying out the occasional social poker app. Playing poker socially is also a great way to practise gambling responsibly.

Best Social Poker Apps

Social Poker is not very different from free poker on one level, except that the term free poker can mean different things to different people. Social poker apps emphacise the person-to-person interaction in poker, may or may not be free to download and always involve real people not computer players. Here are top five:

  1. Live Holdem Poker Pro – Android (download now) / Facebook
    The most popular social poker app is only available on Android handsets, although the company that makes it (Dragonplay) also has a slightly less popular app for iPhones. As well as the standard sit’n’go tournaments, Live Holdem Pro also offers cash games, chat and virtual gifts plus is now optimised for many tablets.
  2. Zynga Poker for Mobile – Android / iPhone / Facebook
    Everybody’s heard of Zynga, which may or may not be a good thing. On the one hand it’s got the biggest potential player pool (although how many are active?). On the other the app hasn’t changed much in the last 12 months while other developers continue to innovate.
  3. Dragonplay Poker – iPhone, iPad etc. (get it from the Appstore)
    Not rated as highly as it’s Android OS cousin but all the same features are present, plus the ubiquitous In-App purchases that iPhone developers love.
  4. WSOP Mobile Poker – Android (download here) / iPhone; Facebook account required
    The 2.5 star rating on Google Play is probably a bit harsh since most of the one-star ratings seem to be from Facebook haters frustrated by the Fb account required before you can play. On the other hand maybe that’s a good reason to be angry! Add to that the fact that the chat feature lacks a log to see who’s said what and you have what appears to be a slightly anti-social poker app. We expect more from a big gaming company like EA.
  5. Poker KinG App – Android only (available from Google Play)
    A recent surge in the popularity of this free Android poker app has seen it start to compete for popularity with Dragonplay’s Live Holdem app. It is slightly odd to see that developers Geaxgame have copied the feature list from the Live Holdem Poker app description.

As with real money multi-player poker (compare the best apps here), the problem for social poker app developers is that the slow connection speeds some players have can damage the experience for the rest of us. However, as mobile Internet connections everywhere improve this should become less of an issue. Fingers crossed.