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Video poker falls into two categories: (i) slot machine style; and (ii) dealer style. Video poker slots look and work exactly like your favourite pub fruity – just stick some virtual coins in the slot and start spinning. Dealer-style games look more like the real thing – the app will feature a poker table with cards and maybe even some virtual dealer hands!

Just as with multi-player poker apps, video poker games for your phone may either be downloaded and played as apps on your phone or accessed through your phone’s web browser. There’s not massive variety out there so expect to see the same apps at different casino sites that use the same software, e.g. Microgaming.

Video Poker Apps

Apps have the advantage that typically, though not always, they have been written especially for the handset you are holding. More often than not only UK players can download them so you will often need a UK mobile phone number (starts in 07) for the download to work.

  • mFortune (Get £5 FREE Now!) – HiLo Poker is another variation on the on the slot-style game. Read more about mFortune casino here.
  • LadyLucks – Your minimum bet is 50p in this Jacks or Better style mobile Video Poker game. A pair of Jacks will win you the hand; maximise your win with a Royal Flush!
  • GoWild (Microgaming) – Play Jacks or Better at one of the most professional looking online casinos out there.
  • Wild Jacks (Microgaming) – Wild Jack’s 3-Card Poker game is actually two games in one!
All our favourite video poker apps are slot machine style video poker games. For dealer-style games you will need to explore elsewhere…

Browser-Based Mobile Poker Games

The truest web video poker experience comes from TerminalPoker.com (read about its casino games here). Terminal Poker specialises in browser-based multi-hand real money poker but also offers several different video poker formats of both kinds – slot-style and dealer-style.

In the end, most of these games are not particularly complicated and Video Poker via your Safari, Firefox or similar web browser is not noticably different from the app variety. It’s not always easy to tell whether a game is of the download or browser variety since mobile casinos like to get you to give them your phone number so that they can send you a text with instructions in. Sometimes this text will contain an app, sometimes a link to a web page. You will probably have seen boxes like this one:

Install free game now!

Select game:

Video Poker


Choose country:

United Kingdom

Enter mobile number:


It’s all about them taking control!