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You’d be forgiven for thinking that by now we ought to have at least five or ten mobile apps from Ongame networked poker sites. The bwin app was launched several months ago with another from Bet24 following soon after. But since then nothing. Not even a poker clock!

In fact, since Bet24 was bought by Unibet in early 2012 the future of this mobile poker app looks likely to be with Microgaming instead. So we actually now have one fewer Ongame poker apps than we started the year with. Ongame is still one of the most popular poker networks

Top 2 Ongame Mobile Poker Apps

The only poker app that optimised for playing on smartphones and tablets is the one from bwin.

  • Sign up @ RedKings – Android only app but you get a big Red Kings welcome and the tables are fast [read more…]
  • Download bwin here – get a $10 cash bonus for every $28 you contribute in rake

Compare the bwin app with other poker downloads on our main page or see below for our thoughts on which Ongame sites may be the next to offer apps for smartphones.

Non-Smart Apps

Two Ongame poker sites have mobile apps for non-smart phones:

  • RedKings Mobile – Get up to $250 free with a 3.3 x bonus clearance requirement.
  • Betsson Mobile – Use the bonus codes when you sign up to select which bonus you want to receive.

Both these apps arrived several years ago. Much has been promised by poker operators for 2012 with little to show so far. Maybe we will need to wait longer…

Ongame 2013

Meanwhile, we should be on the lookout for new mobile poker apps from other sites on the Ongame network. Here at wild-ace.com we think they will appear in the following order:

  1. Betfair – the ‘world’s biggest betting community’ is already extremely mobile with applications for Android, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry but no poker app yet.
  2. Betsafe.com Mobile – there are only two Betsafe apps so far, one for football and another for casino, but it’s a start.
  3. Galacasino.com/mobile – there’s a mobile video poker app (Jacks or Better) and a bunch of casino games too like European roulette – but that’s your lot.
  4. CoralPoker.com (= EuroBetPoker.com) – Coral mobile sports betting has taken off but its poker business has always come second.
  5. Hollywood Poker – not much evidence of interest in going mobile over at Hollywood but they’ve got a clock they could surely turn into an app quite quickly!

So it looks so far as though 2012 will be a quiet year for mobile poker. We would love to be proved wrong though, just as long as there’s some mobile poker action soon!