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Texas Hold’em is the most common variety of poker found on line and this is even truer of mobile-friendly poker apps. It is much harder to find other varieties – only a couple of operators offer mobile Stud poker for example. So the question becomes, which app or apps best suit what I want from this most venerable of poker games?

In this article, wild-ace.com looks at (A) multi-player real money Texas Hold’em; and (B) fun Texas Hold’em mobile games, also known as ‘social’ poker. In each case we compare compatibility, playability and features.

(A) Top 5 Multi-player + Real Money

All our top six poker apps shown on our homepage offer real money multi-player Texas Hold’em poker for mobile phones and tablets. These are:

  1. RedKings – Choose your Bonus
    RedKings Android poker makes the competition seem like little fishies swimming up stream. Its “Choose your bonus” feature is one of the best value mobile poker bonus schemes out there. [Read more…]
  2. mFortune – £5 FREE no deposit
    No other mobile poker site gives away free money. Who knows how long mFortune will keep this up? No download needed and its app works on most phones and tabs. [Read more…]
  3. PokerStars – Join the Big Guns
    You’ll never be short of people to play against at PokerStars and this is one of the slickest apps out there for smartphones with the Android or iOS operating systems. [Read more…]
  4. Switch – Get a free iPad
    The Switch Poker people are always coming up with new ways to try and fill their tables with fresh poker talent. There’s an opportunity there if you’re up for it. [Read more…]
  5. Terminal – the Fastest Poker?
    Terminal was one of the first operators to realise the potential of a fast poker format for players with a mobile platform preference. It has some fearsome tournaments too. [Read more…]

Choosing between our top six is a matter of priorities – we might prefer RedKings for one reason but you might opt to give mFortune a go because of the free bonus, or head over to PokerStars because you know you’ll get a game straight away, or try Switch on the off chance of an iPad finding its way into one of your big back pockets ;). Bwin also has massive player pool and an app that looks as good on an iPad as it does on a Galaxy Tab (but not great on either).

(B) Top 3 Fun Games

Many of our top six have a demo mode you can play for fun but if you are look for more player interaction and other fun features then a social Texas Holdem poker app may be more appropriate. Here are our top three:

  1. Live Holdem Poker Pro (Android)
  2. Zynga Mobile (iPhone / Android)
  3. Dragonplay Poker (iOS)

There must be a 1000 or more Texas Holdem mobile poker apps but these three are the most popular multi-player games. With fun games popularity is probably the best guide to quality since it is so easy to switch from one free app to another.