WinPoker App

You could be forgiven for thinking that is jumping on the cloud poker bandwagon. You can do just about everything you could ever wish to do in the cloud nowadays, from cloud personal finances to cloud data storage. But cloud poker was not one of them, until recently.

In a nut shell, the Win Poker mobile solution is the bandwagon. However, there are a couple of things, it is said, that we should remember about wagons: they are easy to fall off of and not so easily climbed back on to.

1. Compatibility

Like most of the current crop of multi-player mobile poker apps, the Win Poker app looks better on larger screens than on smaller ones. You might well comment that the same could be said of just about any mobile application anywhere from Angry Birds to Zombies Run. However, unlike other poker apps, Win Poker actually states that its app has been optimised for screen sizes of 7 inches and up. In other words it is not recommended for smartphones so much as for Android OS tablets, phablets and iPads 2, 3 and 4 as well as the new iPad mini.

In addition, since this app is stored on the cloud, you will also need to install special software to download it. The Pocket Cloud Remote Desktop app from Wyse enables you to all kinds of things from either your desktop PC or your tablet by virtually connecting them.

However, in the case of WinPoker it won’t be your desktop PC that is connected to your tablet, it will be the operator’s servers. Cloud poker here is all about bypassing the need to work with lots of different mobile and tablet browsers. Read into that what you choose to.

2. Fairness

In the end the cloudy nature of the WinPoker mobile solution is less important than the features it has enabled the site to offer its players. WinPoker claims that all the features available via its PC download are also available to Android and iOS handset owners.

This puts the WinPoker app up there with the best poker apps for iPad and tablets since it is one of only a few that include sit’n’go tournaments, multiple stakes and casino side games. This is one of the fairest ways to operate on line poker tables since you will always be able to play to your strengths.

3. New Player Bonus

As with most other mobile poker operators (with the notable exception of mFortune), your Win Poker bonus is tied to your first deposit and released the more games you play.

Bonus Clearing Requirements

For every $1 you contribute to rake you will earn 20 “base points” and you need 800 of these reward points to release a $10 bonus. To calculate the bonus clearance ratio we divide 800 by (20 x 10):

Play through requirement = 4 x (four times contribution to rake).

This is a little higher than average but not by much.

4. Speed Holdem

Speed Holdem is the name WinPoker has chosen to give to the “fast poker” format in which you can choose to fold a hand and skip the rest of it. In doing so you get moved to a new table. This style of poker is particularly suited to mobile phones and tablets since the special software tools, like heads-up displays (HUDs), that PC pro players can use to gain advantage are less helpful in fast games.

So far the fast poker format has only been applied to Texas Holdem but there is no reason it couldn’t also work for stud poker varieties too.

5. Mobile Banking

The payment methods available are somewhat restricted but do include Neteller and Moneybookers as well as the usual credit cards. Some operators are experimenting with a much wider variety of mobile poker banking options.


This is, to the knowledge of the crew, the first app from the massive iPoker network – Playtech software alliance. Don’t get hung up wondering about what the cloud poker approach could mean – the most important things to focus on are whether this new app looks like it will offer (1) better value for money or (2) a better playing experience than the other apps out there.

  1. It’s not clear that this poker app offers particularly great value for money – the bonus clearance requirement is higher than average and the iPoker network is not known for being especially easy to win on, although this will obviously depend on your point of view;
  2. This app does offer a significant improvement on game play over many other tablet and iPad poker apps out there with all the features available.

Mobile poker players are probably still better off looking for an app that is better optimised for smaller screens.